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All Margarita mixes are provided with no alcohol so that our customers can choose their favorite liquor or serve non-alcoholic.           

Below is a list of Margarita Mix flavors from Margarita Joe. 

To show our support of Breast Cancer Awarness month, We have developed a PINK MARGARITA!
 margarita mixes with grand marnier
Most handmade margaritas use triple sec, an orange liquor. Our Triple Sec Margarita Mix adds that FRESH flavor to the drink.
 margarita mixes with triple sec
Our Margarita mix is vivid with Fresh Lime Flavor and is just right. Not too sweet not too sour! Just Perfect!
 margarita mixes  regular


Pink margarita, Margarita w/triple sec, and Regular lime margarita, Regular lemon margarita, Strawberry margarita, Strawberry daiquiri, Pina colada, Blue hawaiian, Hurricane, Peach bellini, Mai tai, Lemonade, Apple and Cherry..

All of our mixes contain natural fructose flavors creating natural citrus and fruit flavors, unsurpassed in our industry! Try them for yourself, you can taste the difference in our mixes!


Mix Amount Cost
Pink Margarita 6 Half Gallons
Margarita w/triplesec 6 Half Gallons
Regular Lime Margarita 6 Half Gallons
StrawberryMargarita 6 Half Gallons
Strawberry Daiquiri 6 Half Gallons
Pina Colada 6 Half Gallons
Blue Hawiiaan 6 Halh Gallons
Joe's Hurricane 6 Half Gallons
Peach Bellini 6 Half Gallons
Mai Tai 6 Half Gallons
Lemonade 6 Half Gallons
Cherry Limeade 6 Half Gallons
Sour Apple 6 Half Gallons

Mixed Case 6 Half Gallons
Mixed Case 8 Half Gallons


"Our organization has been trying to add some spice to our annual fund raisers, We added in a Margarita Joe Frozen Machine and we made more money than we ever had. The party was great and people would not stop talking about how much they LOVED the Margaritas!"
TKS, Dallas, TX

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